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KCS Youth club is looking for your support in donating blood❣️
American Red Cross declared an emergency blood shortage, as the number of donors hit a 20-year low in January 2024. It is very critical to donate blood now! Every 2 seconds--someone in the U.S. needs blood to survive.
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Who can Donate? ⛑️ 
  • You are at least 18yrs old and weight 110 lbs
  • You are not anemic (females must have a minimum Hb level of 12.5g/dL and males must have a minimum level of 13.0g/dL). Eating iron-rich foods will increase Hb levels.
  • You have not travelled to India, Pakistan, or areas with malaria in the last 3 months. (It used to be 3 years previously but this has changed due to the critical shortage.)
  • You are in good health and feeling well
  • You can donate blood every 56 days (up to 6 times a year)
Benefits for Donors ⛑️ 
  • Receive a free health screening/ check-up, which will make you more aware of your health.
  • ⁠Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing excess iron levels 
  • ⁠Stimulates blood cell production. 
  • Emotional fulfillment Give blood, save lives, and be a hero! 
Note: All blood donors should add foods rich in iron and high in vitamin C to their diet. Such foods include lean meat, seafood, poultry, iron-fortified cereals, beans, lentils, tofu, and fresh spinach. Read more: Why Do Blood Donors Need Iron After Blood Donation?
If you need help scheduling an appointment or have any questions, please email us at

KCS Youth is happy to introduce a new initiative, Virtual Study Hall, a peer-to-peer online study hall with KCS Youth volunteers and adult supervision. Kids in elementary through high school can join Google Classroom to drop-in to the study hall.

Drop in if you need help with a homework problem/need someone to review your homework, or anything school related.

For access, join the Google Classroom (Classroom code: e2ie5pk)

Virtual Study Hall is every weekday (Monday - Friday) from 7:30pm to 8:30pm; except holidays.

Please email if you have any questions.
Send us Your voice, creations, or creatives: KCS Youth Radio is Your Radio!

What is KCS Youth Radio?

A Radio becomes a friend without judging, there for you to tune in and connect when you want to, there for you to speak up and be heard without being judged! Someone is there to listen if you want to speak, and someone is there to talk if you want to just listen, and it encourages you to be who you are!

Why call it a Radio when it's on YouTube?

It's on YouTube because that's where most of us hangout while doing homework for white noise, fun, or to learn something, or to get a glimpse of our favorite YouTubers' updates. We called it a Radio, because you can share whatever you want with the world in your voice by recording it on your phone and sending it our way to get featured. (You can choose to do a video if you want to and send that too.) All we want we is your voice, for you to be heard! And the world can browse anytime and listen!

How can you send something to KCS Youth Radio?

Record what you want to say or sing a song; or record your dance performance - share something fun with the world, inspiring thoughts, poems, photos, artwork, speeches, whatever your creative head is telling you to, record it and send it to If you think there is someone you want to interview so that they may inspire someone else, let us know! If you want to be interviewed, let us know! We want to hear from you, and we are happy to listen or talk to you!

Are there any restrictions?

As with any public content, we refrain from saying anything negative or spreading negativity. We encourage you to be inspired and to inspire those around you, we ask you to be respectful and take respect, and we request you to be the muse!

"Today you are You, that is truer than True. There is no one alive who is Youer than You." - Dr. Seuss

  • February
    • Game Night at KCS Hridayaraagam 2024 - February 10


KCS Youth of the Year 2023

Youth of the Year: Anagha Namboodiri
Most Dynamic: Ajrin Nawaz
Most Inspirational: Anagha Namboodiri
Most Reliable: Anagha Namboodiri
Best Attendance: Ajrin Nawaz, Anagha Namboodiri, Malavya Adiyodi
Best Ideator: Ajrin Nawaz
Best Radio RJ: Anagha Namboodiri and Dhwani Menon
Exceptional over the Years: Outgoing Leads who are also current high school seniors
Catherine Tenny, Hima Shelley, Ishaan Punnackal, Jinu Manalel, Kevin Kanneth, Roshan Elakara
Best Youth Club Chapter of 2023 (Rolling Trophy): MoCo Dayas


Youth of the Year: Anagha Namboodiri
Most Dynamic: Hima Shelley
Most Inspiring: Jinu Manalel, Joyce Biju, Shloka Nair
Most Reliable: Kevin Kanneth, Mahima Nair, Roshan Elakara
Certificate of Perseverance: Catherine Tenny, Devan Menon, Jinu Manalel
Certificate of Ideation & Creativity: Devan Menon, Kiran Nair
Best Attendance: Mahima Nair, Malavya Adiyodi


Youth of the Year: Joyce Biju
Most Inspirational: Joyce Biju
Most Reliable: Joyce Biju
Best RJ: Joyce Biju
Best Ideator: Joyce Biju


Youth of the Year: Poornima Tomy
Certificate of Perseverance: Shriya Rejeesh
Certificate of Ideation & Creativity: Kiran Nair
Most Inspiring: Ryan SyedNaveed, Shivani Kumar
Most Reliable: Varsha Chandran
Best Attendance: Shriya Rejeesh
Best RJ: Roshan Elakara
Certificate of Appreciation: Ashwin Rajesh, Catherine Tenny, Hima Shelley, Ishaan Punnackal, Jinu Manalel, Jiya Manalel, Shiva Menon, Vishnu Menon, Suraj Sivam, Parvathi Pullanchodan

  • December
    • White Elephant - December 17
  •  October
    • Collected and donated shoes to give to refugees who are transported from other states to DC - October 28
    • Halloween Costume Contest - October 28
  • September
    • Barbie Movie with Kids Club Leads - September 24
  •  August
  • June - July
    • Unraveling the Universe - Speaker Series
      • Dr. Roopesh Ojha, Living Through a Revolution: Multi-Messenger Astrophysics - June 18
      • Dr. Jonathan Wyrick, Building Machines and Devices for the Quantum World - June 25
      • Dr. Aryan Namboodiri, N-Acetylaspartate: From Canavan Disease to Cancer - July 9
      • Dr. Sagar Pandit, Atomic Simulations in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology - July 16
  • May
    • Performing for senior citizens with YWO - May 17
  • April
    • Daya Team Dinner - April 21
    • HoCo Loco Crabs Movie Day - April 4
  • March
    • Youth Club Meet & Greet - March 18
    • March 4th and Do Something Day - March 4
  • February
  • January
    • MLK Jr. Day | Day of Service - Volunteer - January 16
  • January: Donation to Loudoun Hunger Relief
  • February: Virtual Meet & Greet
  • March: Women's Charity Drive
  • March: Public Speaking Workshop
  • April to June: Virtual mini-clubs (weekly/biweekly/monthly):
    • - Cooking mini-club (biweekly)
    • - Do-Re-Mi Singing mini-club (biweekly)
    • - Drawing mini-club (weekly)
    • - Fitness mini-club (once a month)
    • - Let's Speak! mini-club (biweekly)
    • - Melody Instrumental Music mini-club (weekly)
    • - Photography mini-club (biweekly)
    • - Yoga mini-club (biweekly)
  • July: 1-week Virtual Summer Camp:
    • - Fitness
    • - Bollywood Dancing
    • - Chess (Beginners)
    • - Chess (Intermediate/Advanced)
    • - Arts & Crafts (Juniors)
    • - Arts & Crafts (Seniors)
  • August: Virtual Game Night
  • August: Onam, The Way I See It (10 Radio Segments)
  • November: Food Drive & Thanksgiving Party (in-person)
    • - Donated to Open Door Food Pantry for Maryland Food Bank

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