Youth Club

KCS Youth Club Leads are happy to bring the Virtual mini-clubs back!

The interest based mini-clubs are for kids and youth (ages 6-18) where they would come together to create or learn something new, share knowledge and ideas, and practice skills.

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virtual mini clubs: arts & crafts, chess, cooking, dance, fitness & yoga, html, instruments, photography, singing, speech & poetry

These virtual mini-clubs allow kids and youth to come together to explore different interests, take care of the body and mind, and stay imaginative & creative.

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2021 Summary of Events/Activities

  • January: Donation to Loudoun Hunger Relief
  • February: Virtual Meet & Greet
  • March: Women's Charity Drive
  • March: Public Speaking Workshop
  • April to June: Virtual mini-clubs (weekly/biweekly/monthly):
    • - Cooking mini-club (biweekly)
    • - Do-Re-Mi Singing mini-club (biweekly)
    • - Drawing mini-club (weekly)
    • - Fitness mini-club (once a month)
    • - Let's Speak! mini-club (biweekly)
    • - Melody Instrumental Music mini-club (weekly)
    • - Photography mini-club (biweekly)
    • - Yoga mini-club (biweekly)
  • July: 1-week Virtual Summer Camp:
    • - Fitness
    • - Bollywood Dancing
    • - Chess (Beginners)
    • - Chess (Intermediate/Advanced)
    • - Arts & Crafts (Juniors)
    • - Arts & Crafts (Seniors)
  • August: Virtual Game Night
  • August: Onam, The Way I See It (10 Radio Segments)
  • November: Food Drive & Thanksgiving Party (in-person)
    • - Donated to Open Door Food Pantry for Maryland Food Bank


Youth of the Year: Joyce Biju
Most Inspirational: Joyce Biju
Most Reliable: Joyce Biju
Best RJ: Joyce Biju
Best Ideator: Joyce Biju


Youth of the Year: Poornima Tomy
Certificate of Perseverance: Shriya Rejeesh
Certificate of Ideation & Creativity: Kiran Nair
Most Inspiring: Ryan SyedNaveed, Shivani Kumar
Most Reliable: Varsha Chandran
Best Attendance: Shriya Rejeesh
Best RJ: Roshan Elakara
Certificate of Appreciation: Ashwin Rajesh, Catherine Tenny, Hima Shelley, Ishaan Punnackal, Jinu Manalel, Jiya Manalel, Shiva Menon, Vishnu Menon, Suraj Sivam, Parvathi Pullanchodan

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