Kids Club

KCS Kids Club is an initiative by the KCS Youth Club. KCS Youth Club leads mentor a group of kids to lead this club designed for kids ages 12 and under. This club allows kids to come together to explore their ideas and voice their opinion for kid-friendly programs and events. The programs are planned, coordinated, and run by kids in a safe environment with parent and youth volunteers.

What's Happening

  • July
    • Virtual Ice Cream Social
      • Ice Cream Sundae & Oreo Mug Cake
      • Jeopardy & Blooket

15 vibrant kids have joined the KCS Kids Club as Leads this year. They are excited and busy planning events and making plans to provide a safe space exclusively for kids under 12 to come together for fun and engaging activities that can also make a positive impact in our community. The leads for 2022 are:

  • Aditri Nair
  • Ananya Kallat
  • Anaya Menavan
  • Anjali Krishna
  • Aparna Iyengar
  • Devananda Deepak
  • Gouri Vinesh
  • Jaishua Manalel
  • Karishma Pillai
  • Nandana Ratheesh
  • Nethra Nair
  • Niveditha Kattuparambil
  • Pranav Pillai
  • Samiksha Varghese
  • Sanjana Maratt
  • February: Games & Crafts Night
  • March: Movie Night watching "The Game Plan"
  • April: Open Mic Night
  • June: School's Out Party
  • July: Trivia Night w/ "Jeopardy" & a "Jeopardy" Rematch!
  • August: Movie Marathon
  • October: Halloween Bash