Box Cricket League Rules

The rules and other details for the KCS Sports Box Cricket League shall be as follows:


  1. Entry Fee
  2. Each team can register up to 6 players
  3. Match will be played with hard tennis ball


  1. Teams in each region will compete against each other in league round once if there are 5 teams or less from the region.
  2. If there are more than 5 teams from the region they will be divided into two groups and each group winner after the initial round will play each other to decide the region winner in the league round
  3. Each winning team will get 3 points per match, 2 points for a tie and 1 point for abandoned matched
  4. If one team forfeits a match the other team will get 3 points
  5. Region winners will play in semifinal round in similar fashion if there are more than or less than 4 regions.
  6. If there are 4 teams semifinal will be played directly based on the points and net run rate
  7. Net run rate will be considered in case of a tie between team in league rounds

General Rules:

  1. Match will be played with 4 players a side decided and named before the toss
  2. All players playing the game must be from the roster of 6 provided at the time of registration
  3. Each team will bowl 4 overs and bat 4 overs
  4. Each player must bat for 2 overs
  5. Each player must bowl exactly one over
  6. Batting team can only change players between overs
  7. One substitute is allowed per team.
  8. Substitute can only play if a player in injured, decision will be made by the umpire
  9. The non-striker will have to stay fully within the crease until the ball is delivered, a penalty run of -1 will be awarded to the batting team every time a non-striker steps out and no runs can be scored of that ball
  10. Every team must provide umpires for at least 2 games
  11. League will provide umpires for semifinal and final matches.
  12. Umpires decision will be final
  13. In case of a tie each team will bowl and bat a super over to decide a winner
  14. There will be a box within which the cricket will be played with a rectangle area behind the bowler along the boundary at the far end where 4 and 6 runs can be scored
  15. One player from the bowling team must keep the wicket while bowling
  16. No underarm bowling or throws allowed, bowler will have to properly bowl the ball
  17. The Box on the field could be replaced with grass boundary if played in a baseball field with the rectangular area drawn at the grass boundary.
  18. Teams can only forfeit one match in the entire season
  19. Multiple games may be played on same day depending upon team and field availability

Scoring/Out Rules:

  1. Team can run as many runs as possible when the ball is hit with bat and is within the box
  2. Byes, leg byes and overthrows are allowed if the ball does not travel outside the box
  3. Direct hit outside the box will be considered out
  4. One run is declared if the ball goes outside of the box after bouncing inside in addition to the runs scored by running
  5. If the ball hits a fielder before going over the box it will be considered 1 run
  6. All outs will carry a penalty of -3 runs
  7. Catch, stumping, run out, hit wicket and bowled will all be considered out and will be awarded -3 runs
  8. No LBW's
  9. Four runs will be awarded if the player hits a ball through the rectangle area provided the ball hits the ground once in the box
  10. Six runs will be awarded if the ball is hit directly into the rectangle area
  11. Any ball that pass outside leg stump will be considered wide unless it touches any part of the body of the batsman
  12. One run will be awarded to the batting team for wide
  13. One run will be awarded to the batting team for no ball, no free hit for overstepping
  14. Any ball that goes over the shoulder of the batsmen will be considered wide and will be awarded one run to the batting team