Malayalam Class & Cultural Awareness Program

KCS Kalari, as an accredited member of Malayalam Mission of the government of Kerala, supports the Malayalam Mission’s goal of spreading Malayalam language and culture all over the world.

KCS Kalari currently has 4 centers in the DMV with over 200 students. New classes start in September of each year.

Registration for AY2021-22 is CLOSED.
Note: Due to the pandemic, all KCS Kalari Centers are conducting the classes online for AY2021-22 until it is safe to conduct in-person classes.

Please email kalari@kcsmw.org if you have any questions.

Columbia, MD:
Classes are held every Saturday
Contact: cbmd-kalari@kcsmw.org

Fairfax, VA:
Classes are held every Saturday
Contact: fxva-kalari@kcsmw.org
Click here to view Inauguration photos from 2017

Germantown, MD:
Classes are held every Friday
Contact: gtmd-kalari@kcsmw.org

South Riding, VA:
Classes are held every Friday
Contact: srva-kalari@kcsmw.org

Kalari Dinam

"കളരി ദിനം," is an annual day celebration for all KCS Kalari Centers and it coincides around Kerala Piravi.


"കലാവേദി" provides an opportunity for each student within their Kalari to coordinate  and conduct talent shows.