Fitness Challenge 2024

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Stay active & Spring into Fitness with these fun-filled challenges!

How to Register?

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Fitness 2024

1.    Couple challenge (Apr 20th – May 4th) - Registration Closed

         Category: Married couple (Age 18+)

  • This challenge is for married couples.
  • The challenge starts on April 20th and ends on May 4th (15 days)
  • Both participants in a couple need to register separately for the challenge
  • One participant among the couple must complete 15 Push-ups, and the other needs to complete 1 minute Plank every day for 15 days.
  • All couples completing the tasks on all 15 days will be declared winners!
  • Both participants in a couple must complete the daily
  • Each participant must take a video of the challenge and share it with an assigned judge.
  • The task video will be validated and marked on an event score sheet.
  • The details about sharing the video will be announced right before the start of the event.

                   Push Ups

    • The participant must complete 15 Push- Ups
    • One break/pause is allowed during 15 Push- Ups
    • The video must be taken from a side angle.
    • There is no time limit to complete the 15 Push-Ups
    • The participant must maintain a perfect form: elbows locked at the top, chest 2 inches above the floor at the bottom, hips not sagging, and knees not touching the floor.


    • The participant must complete one minute
    • The video must be taken from a side angle.
    • No break or pause
    • You must rest only on your forearms and toes

2. Walking/Steps Challenge (July 6th – July 14th)


  • Age up to 18
  • Adults: 18+


  • To be shared Soon!

3. Biking/Cycling Challenge (Aug 10th  – Aug 18th)


  • Age up to 18
  • Adults: 18+


  • The miles you bike are counted every day (9 days)
  • Miles will be counted daily with a common mobile The instructions about setting up the application will be shared with the participants before the start of the event.
  • Each participant must follow the instructions to install the app and track the miles in
  • The individual with the highest total miles covered at the end of the competition will be the winner!