eTalent Festival Rules – Karaoke Singing (Indian)

Karaoke Indian (Solo & Duet): Rules and Instructions


Time Limit: 5 minutes.

Instructions: Songs can be in any Indian language, songs can be from a movie, album, nadan pattukal, light music or any other form. Contestants should plan to sing at least Pallavi and Anu Pallavi. If you wish to sing Charanam, you are welcome to do so.Your video should not have any other voice other than the contestant(s) along with Karaoke. Songs recorded using Apps like Smule will not be considered. For Duet songs participants can record via Zoom, however it must be one continuous recording and cannot be edited.

Judgment Criteria: Shruthi (20), Bhavam (20), Sahithyasudhi (20), Thalam (20), adherence to time and overall performance (20).


Please refer to the general rules and video submission guidelines.

Any question please email