eTalent Festival Rules – Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music Rules

    • Time Limit: Maximum 4 minutes
    • Competitions will be held separately for String, Wind and Percussion categories.

Examples of string instruments include guitar, violin, viola, veena etc.
Examples of wind instruments include keyboard (tone set to organ), recorder, flute, saxophone etc.
Examples of percussion instruments include drums, cymbals, xylophones, gongs, thabala, mridamgam etc.

      • Automatically generated rhythms/ music and music fed into the memory of the instrument cannot be used to support the performance. Any use of such aids will lead to disqualification of the participant. 
      • Judging Criteria: Rhythm and Timing (40). Complexity of Notes (30). Accuracy of Notes (20). Adherence to Time (10).

** Please review the eTalent 2020 General Rules and submission guidelines below.

eTalent 2020- General Rules

      • There is no entry fee required for this competition.
      • All participants must register using the eTalent Form. For minor participants, one of the parents need to fill-in the form for the child.
      • Participants must be residing in the MD/VA/DC metro area.
      • All entries must be submitted by midnight on their respective deadlines.
      • Record your videos using smart phone, camera or camcorder.
      • You need to upload your video to YouTube and mark it as “unlisted”. Do not make it “public”. Provide the YouTube video link when you submit the eTalent Form.
      • Your YouTube video should be titled "KCSMW eTalent Season 2 - Your First and Last name".
      • eTalent Form can be accessed here.
      • Once the form is submitted, participants can not change their YouTube video link.
      • Your eTalent registration form along with your YouTube link must be received by midnight of the deadline. Any entries received after the deadline will not be considered.
      • Your YouTube video will be reviewed by eTalent Team before it is published on Facebook. 
      • You will be notified via email, once your video is uploaded.
      • There will be no separate competition for male and female categories.
      • KCSMW will not be responsible for any copyright violation in any of your YouTube videos.
      • Winners will be decided based on  the marks provided by a panel of competent judges selected by the KCSMW eTalent team, and their decisions will be final.
      • Winners will be announced via Facebook and other electronic media. Awards will be distributed at one of the major events of KCSMW.
      • Your video should not have anyone else other than the contestant.
      • Your video should be taken just for this competition. YouTube video upload date should be after the commencement date of each contest announced by KCSMW.
      • Edited Videos are not allowed and will be rejected.
      • KCSMW eTalent team judgments are final.
      • KCSMW reserves the right to terminate or extend the contest at any time, or to accept or reject entries at its absolute discretion without assigning any reason for the same.
      • KCSMW reserves the right to add or modify categories at any time.

Category Names                   Group

Sub. Junior                           Grades K thru 4th (use the grade level completed in June 2020)

Junior                                      Grades  5th thru 8th (use the grade level completed in June 2020)

Senior                                      Grades 9th thru 12 (use the grade level completed in June 2020)

Adults                                      18 and above