eTalent Festival Rules – Folk Dance

Folk Dance (solo): Rules and Instructions


Time Limit: 3 to 5 minutes.

Instructions: Should be a folk style dance of any Indian state. Dancing to a folk film song is not permitted. Participants should wear proper costumes and make up. Props are allowed. It is a solo item and should be performed by only one individual. Each contestant can perform only one dance under their category.

Judging Criteria: The performance will be judged based on Abhinayam/Bhavam - facial expressions, enthusiasm conveyed, and eye contact  (30 points). Choreography - variety in steps, visual effect, and precision (20 points). Technical skills - style, control, and body placement/posture (20 points). Costume (10 points). Adherence to Time (10 points). Overall impression (10 points).


Please refer to the general rules and video submission guidelines.

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