eTalent Festival Rules – Elocution

Elocution Rules (Malayalam & English)


Competitions will be held separately for Malayalam & English.

Time Limit: 5 minutes maximum.

Instructions: Pick a topic from the Topic List provided below.

Please check back for topics by February12th, 2023.

Judging Criteria:Introduction of the subject (5 points), Structure - organization, development of material, transition (10 points), Language Grammar - pronunciation, vocabulary, verbal clarity (15 points), Content - relevance to topic, logic, originality, accuracy, anecdotes, illustrations (25 points), Delivery - appearance, poise, self-confidence, speaking style, voice modulation, facial expression, audience contact, enthusiasm, gesticulation, effectiveness, mannerisms (25 points), Recapitulation and conclusion (15 points) and Timing (5 points).

Notes – notes are permitted, however the speech should not be read verbatim and excessive reference of note will result in score deduction (10 points),

Please refer to the general rules and video submission guidelines.

Any question please email