eTalent Festival Rules – Classical Music

Classical Music: Rules and Instructions


Time limit: Adults 8 mins, other categories 5 minutes.

Instructions: Film songs will not be considered. Accompaniments are not permitted, use of  Shruthi box or Thampuru is allowed. Songs recorded using Apps like Smule will not be considered.

Judgement Criteria: Adults: Shruthi (20), Bhavam (20), Sahithyasudhi (20), Thalam(20), Manodharma sangeetham (10), adherence to  time and overall performance(10).

All other categories: Shruthi (20), Bhavam (20), Sahithyasudhi (20), Thalam(20), adherence to  time and overall performance(20).


Please refer to the general rules and video submission guidelines.

Any question please email