eTalent Festival Rules – Classical Music

Classical Music: Rules and Instructions


Time limit: Adults 8 mins, other categories 6 minutes.

Instructions: Film songs will not be considered. Accompaniments are not permitted, use of  Shruthi box or Thampuru is allowed. Songs recorded using Apps like Smule will not be considered. Please mention the song name, composer and thalam in the description box when submitting the entry.

Judgement Criteria: Adults: Shruthi (20), Bhavam (20), Sahithyasudhi (20), Thalam(20), Manodharma sangeetham (10), adherence to  time and overall performance(10).

All other categories: Shruthi (20), Bhavam (20), Sahithyasudhi (20), Thalam(20), adherence to  time and overall performance(20).


Please refer to the general rules and video submission guidelines.

Any question please email