eTalent Festival Rules – Adzap

It’s time to Buckle up and get ready to be entertained with some creative Ad films that tickles your funny bone.

Adzap : Rules and Instructions

Categories: No age category for this event. Individual, Family or Group can participate in
creating an entertaining Ad Film.


  • The Theme of the ad film should be “Valentines Day”.
  • Video length: Max 1-minute video.
  • Each submission must be solely the original work of Entrant(s)/submitter(s).
  • Videos can be edited to add music/graphics, if needed. This is not necessary.
  • Incomplete, garbled, corrupted, illegible, obscene, indecent, inappropriate, profane, and offensive entries are void and will not be accepted.
  • Failure of compliance with any rules and conditions will result in disqualification.

Judgment Criteria: Your video will be judged based on the following:

  • Relevance of ad film to the theme (25)
  • Originality/Creativity (25)
  • Entertainment Value (25)
  • Co-ordination (15)
  • Audio quality and Visual appeal (10)

Final ratings shall be decided by aggregating points awarded by a panel of judges. Decision of the Judges shall be final and Conclusive.

Disclaimer: This competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by KCSMW and is not associated with any brand.

Please refer to the general rules and video submission guidelines.

Any question please email