2018 KCSMW Chess Tournament- Rules and Regulations

General Rules 

  1. All participants must complete an online registration form available at kcsmw.org by March 15, 2018 and submit the $10.00 registration fees via online or by check payable to “KCSMW”.
  2. KCSMW Sports Committee reserves the right to revise the rules at any time/cancel the championship or a specific category within the tournament if there are less than 4 participants for that tournament /category.
  3. The tournament will be conducted based on the following categories:
    Category 1 – Grade K to Grade 4Category 2 – Grade 5 to Grade 8
  4. Categories are determined based on the grade/class in which the participant is currently studying. The participant’s actual age will not be considered to determine their category.
  5. False representation of the category will result in disqualification of the participant.
  6. There are no separate tournament for male and female participants.
  7. Participants should report at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the tournament to the venue. Participants who arrive after the conclusion of the first round of the tournament will not be allowed to participate and their registration will be deemed cancelled.
  8. KCSMW Sport’s Committee decision shall be final.
  9. No outside assistance during games is allowed.

Match Rules

  1. The tournament will be conducted according to the official rules and regulations of the World Chess Federation.
  2. KCSMW will provide the chess board, pieces and scoring sheets.
  3. The format of the tournament will be a straight knockout. The loser will be out of the tournament and the winner will move to the subsequent round.
  4. During the game players should never discuss their game with anyone.
  5. The player who has control of the white pieces (White) starts the game.
  6. Touch-Move: If you touch a piece intending to move it, you must move it; if you touch your opponent’s piece intending to capture it, you must capture it.
  7. It is forbidden to distract or annoy the opponent in any manner whatsoever
  8. Each player has ONE MINUTE to make a move.
  9. There will be multiple rounds until there is only a single winner in each category.
  10. If any match is tied, the match will be replayed with each player given 30 Seconds to make a move. In case of an additional tie the winner will be chosen by coin toss.
  11. A player exceeding the allowed move time will be given 3 warnings after which he/she will be disqualified and marked as the loser of the game.
  12. If in the round there are odd number of players - then the winner with the fastest time (least time played) among the group of winners from the previous round will get a walk-over to the subsequent round after the current round. Example: - If there are 11 winners from round 1 then only 10 players will play in round 2. The winner from round 1 with the fastest time will automatically qualify towards round 3 without playing in round 2.
  13. In subsequent rounds winners will be matched based on their timings from the previous round. Example in round 2, the winner with fastest time in round 1 will play the winner with the slowest time in round 1 and so on.
  14. The Completed Game (a) the game is won by the player who has checkmated the opponent’s King with a legal move. This immediately ends the game.          (b) The game is won by the player whose opponent resigns.
  15. The game is drawn (a) when the player to move has no legal move and the King is not in check. The game is said to end in stalemate. This immediately ends the game. (b) The game is drawn upon agreement between the two players during the game. This immediately ends the game.
  16. The game is drawn if the identical position has appeared on the chessboard three times.
  17. The game is considered drawn if the last 25 consecutive moves have been made by each player without the capture of any piece.